Smooth grenadier, Nezumia aequalis.

Smooth Grenadier, Nezumia aequalis

Like many other deep-sea fishes, this species is widespread, occurring throughout the Atlantic from Davis Strait south to Brazil, as well as in the Mediterranean. It inhabits depths ranging from 200 to 2300 m, where it feeds on a wide variety of invertebrates including worms and crustaceans that it acquires from both the open water and off the bottom.

The smooth grenadier has a small head, with large eyes and a small, pointy snout. It is covered in scales, excluding a strip on the underside of its snout, where its small mouth is located. The scales on its body are shield-shaped, and, in some, the convex area is shaped into a point, forming a spear shape. Its body is bluish-purple in colour, brownish on the head, with silvery accents on the belly and operculum. Its pelvic fins are black, except the longest ray, which is a sharply contrasting white. The first dorsal is also black at its tip, but pale at its base. This fish reaches a maximum length of 36 cm.

This species is caught in the nets of trawlers. Although not the focus of the harvest, it is nonetheless used in the production of fish meal and oil.