Adolf's eelpout, Lycodes adolfi.

Adolf's Eelpout, Lycodes adolfi

Adolf's eelpout was only recently described in 1993, when the first specimen was discovered off the coast of Greenland in the Davis Strait. Although this location is outside Canadian waters, researchers suspect that Adolf's eelpout also occurs off the Canadian coast.

This species differs from other members of the eelpout family in that it lacks scales on the front half of its body, and the outside edge of the gill cover forms a point. Its anal, caudal, and dorsal fins are fused and uniform in width, while its pectoral fins are large and fan-like, and its pelvic fins are reduced. Its overall body colour is a uniform light brown, with slightly darker fins. The maximum size of Adolf's eelpout is unknown.

Adolf's eelpout feeds on crustaceans, lives at depths ranging from 527 to 1380 m, and likely spawns during the summer.