Alf Erling Porsild (1901–1977)

Born in Copenhagen, Alf began his career at the Danish Biological Station in Greenland. In 1925 he was hired by the Canadian government to conduct studies on the feasibility of introducing reindeer to the Mackenzie Delta. In 1936 he was hired as the Chief Botanist for the National Museum of Canada, and ten years later became the Chief Botanist for the National Herbarium of Canada where he remained until his retirement in 1967. Porsild's work at the herbarium has made it among the best in the world; it holds over 100,000 specimens of arctic plants. He published many scholarly papers on plants and animals in Canada's arctic and several books on the subject. His best known book is:

Porsild AE. 1964. Illustrated flora of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Ottawa: National Museum of Canada.