Ukiuqtait/Ukiuliit Those That Stay Throughout the Winter

Although many birds nest in the Arctic, only a few species are adapted to stay in the North year-round. The Inuit have recognized this and refer to a special group of birds, the ukiuqtait or ukiuliit, "those that stay throughout the winter". These birds, although they are not necessarily closely related to each other, all have special features and behaviours that allow them to survive the severe cold and lack of food during an Arctic winter. Perhaps because there are so few of them, and the environment they face is so harsh, these birds tend to occupy a greater place in the culture and mythology of the Inuit than many of the seasonal birds.

Aqiggivik Willow Ptarmigan
Aqiggiq atajulik Rock Ptarmigan
Tulugaq Common Raven
Ukpigjuaq Snowy Owl
Pittiulaaq Black Guillemot