Nirjutiviit nunamiutaitThe (Terrestrial) Prey "Par Excellence"

The name nirjutiviit nunamiutait – terrestrial prey "par excellence" – aptly describes Inuit feelings towards this group of large land mammals. This group is equivalent to the pisuktiit (the walkers), but using the name nirjutiviit nunamiutait highlights the contrast between the larger mammals, which form the staples of the Inuit diet, and smaller creatures, which – even though they are still "walkers" – do not belong in the pisuktiit because of their relatively minor importance in the lives of the people. These smaller animals, such as lemmings and siksiks (arctic ground squirrels), are sometimes known as the nirjutiarsiit nunamiutait, or secondary, subordinate land prey.


Tuktu Caribou
Umingmak Muskox
Tuktuvak Moose
Nanuq Polar Bear
Aklaq Grizzly
Amaruq Wolf
Qavvigaarjuk Wolverine
Tiriganiarjuk Arctic Fox
Kajuqtuq Red Fox