NiqituqtiitThe Meat (Fish) Eaters

Although the name niqituqtiit actually means "meat eaters", it refers to those water birds that eat mainly fish. Although it is not a precisely defined group, the following species are usually included.

Isunngait Jaegers
Isunngaq Long-tailed Jaeger
Isunngarluk Pomarine Jaeger
Isunngaq nipangiaq Parasitic Jaeger
Qaqsauq Red-throated Loon
Kaglulik Arctic Loon
Tuulligjuak Common Loon
Akpait Alcids
Akpa Thick-billed Murre
Akpaliarjuk Dovekie
Pittiulaaq Black Guillemot
Kajjiqtuuq Red-breasted Merganser

There are several species of gulls that inhabit the Arctic. Many are hard to differentiate, especially at the juvenile stage, and often have relatively similar habits. Several of them are associated in one main group – although this group does not have a specific name. Two other species, however iqiggagiarjuk, Sabine's gull, and imiqqutailaq, the arctic tern, are distinct in their habits and are considered together, apart from the rest of the gulls.

Naujait Gulls
Nauja quksik Herring Gull
Naujavigjuaq Glaucous Gull
Naujavaaq Ivory Gull
Tiratira Black-legged Kittiwake
Iqqiggagiarjuk Sabine's Gull
Imiqqutailaq Arctic Tern
Qaqulluk Northern Fulmar