The Separation of the Red and White Foxes

The red fox and the white fox were living together. The red fox set hooks through the holes in the ice and caught a number of tomcod, which they ate frozen in the evening. The white fox said " I'll make some hooks too and set them; perhaps I shall get some tomcod". So he spent the next day in making hooks, but he caught not a single fish. In the afternoon he noticed something out on the ice – something strange. "What is it?" he said. "It certainly was not there before. What can it be? Is it a block of ice? Or perhaps a seal or a walrus?" He went towards the object. "What is it? I can't make it out yet". And he went a little nearer, and again nearer still. Then he saw that it was a great walrus lying asleep on the ice. "What shall I do? How am I going to kill it? I have no weapon, not even a stick. Suppose I run back home and get something. But then it may be gone before I come back. I don't know how it lives, what it feeds on. No, I had better go back home". So the white fox returned home empty-handed. The red fox was vexed, and said to himself, "What is the use of living with this fellow? He never catches anything". So in the morning the red fox ran away to the mountains and the two have lived apart ever since.