The Owl and the Siksik

There was a siksik outside its hole and an owl went over to it. The siksik at once darted inside. The owl called to it to come out, saying, "siksik, come out and play; it is warm in the sun". But the siksik answered, "You will only block up my hole". Still the owl called out, "Come out and play", till at last the siksik did come out. Immediately the owl planted itself in front of its hole. Thereupon the siksik said, "I am going to dance beautifully. You sing for me". So the owl sang, "This siksik's burrow I have blocked it, siksik, siksik". The siksik made a dart towards its hole with a sharp squeak, but the owl stood directly in the entrance and stopped it. "Ha, ha", said the owl, "How do you think you will get in"? "Oh, I wasn't trying to get in", replied the siksik, "I was merely darting for this piece of grass". Then it added, "Come, cousin, spread your legs out and sing for me while I dance. Close your eyes, too. I am covered with fat all over, right to the tip of my tail". So the owl spread apart its legs and closed its eyes, singing, "This siksik's burrow I have blocked, siksik, siksik. This siksik's burrow I have…". The siksik darted for the hole, squeaking "tsi, tsi, tsi", but as it squeezed through between the owl's legs the bird snapped off the tip of its tail.