Facility: Igloolik Research Centre, Igloolik, Igloolik Island, NU
This research centre is open year-round, providing dormitory accommodation for up to 20 in the summer, or 6 in the winter. The main building contains laboratory and office space, a dark room, and a library. The labs are fairly well equipped with microscopes, centrifuge, balances, and meteorological and seismological instrumentation. Canoes, snowmobiles, and all-terrain vehicles are available.


Igloolik is situated in the Foxe Basin, off the coast of the Melville Peninsula, west of Baffin Island. It is surrounded by flat, open tundra on a limestone base. A bluff on the outskirts of town provides a view of most of the low-lying island. Breakup of sea ice in this area occurs in late July or early August, and usually lasts until October.

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