Cornwall, Graham, Buckingham, Table, Exmouth, and Ekins Islands

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Six small islands (Cornwall, Graham, Buckingham, Table, Exmouth, and Ekins) lie to the east of Ellesmere Island, within Norwegian Bay. Cornwall Island's surface undulates with hills, which reach a maximum elevation of 400 m at McLeod Head in the west and form an escarpment to the southeast. The land lowers progressively to the east, forming lowlands with folded ridges.

Graham and Buckingham islands lay approximately 50 km east of Cornwall Island. Graham Island's centre is hilly, while its margins are low coastal plains. Measuring only 10 km wide, Buckingham Island is dominated by the central Mount Windsor that rises to 150 m. Both of these islands have streams that run from the central high ground to the coast, forming a pattern resembling the spokes of a wheel when seen from the air.

The tiny Table, Exmouth, and Ekins islands sit just to the south of Cornwall Island. Table Island has a 150-metre high ridge that consumes the entire island, except for its margins, which are flat lowlands. Milne Peak lies at the centre of Exmouth Island, which descends sharply to low-lying coastal plains on all sides. A conspicuous, radial pattern of streams drains the interior of the island. The most distinctive aspect of Ekins Island is its low relief: it sits just 10 m above sea level!