Nettilling Lake and Amadjuak Lake

Both of these lakes are located on the southern end of Baffin Island. Nettilling Lake is the largest body of freshwater in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. It is fed by both Amadjuak Lake, the second largest lake on Baffin Island, and by numerous streams. Nettilling Lake empties into the Koukdjuak River, which flows west to discharge into the Foxe Basin. Both lakes remain frozen for the better part of the year.

The margins of Nettilling Lake are an important place for caribou feeding and calving. In fact, the largest concentration of caribou in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago can be found in the Nettilling Lake region in the late spring and early summer months. Although less important as a calving ground, Amadjuak Lake is also a key feeding place and part of the main migratory path for the Baffin Island caribou herds.

Arctic charr, ninespine stickleback, and the most northerly stock of threespine sticklebacks in Canada inhabit the cold waters of Nettilling Lake, together with occasional individuals of the ringed seal. All three species of fish feed primarily on chironomid larvae, which make up 95% of the microfauna in Nettilling Lake.

  Nettilling Lake Amadjuak Lake
Location 66.3N,
Surface Area 5542 km2 3115 km2
Elevation 30 m 113 m
Maximum Depth Unknown Unknown