Lake Hazen

Situated at the northern end of Ellesmere Island at 81.0N, Lake Hazen is the largest lake located entirely above the Arctic Circle. It was first discovered by the Inuit of the Dorset culture, circa 1000 AD, and much later, in 1882, by Adolphus Greely. This polar lake is situated on the Paleozoic rocks of the Hazen Plateau and lies adjacent to the Grant Land Mountains. These mountains are largely covered with ice, whose spring melt feeds the lake. Although air temperatures in this area often rise above 10C in July and August, Lake Hazen remains ice covered in most years. Lake Hazen is home to the world's most northerly stock of arctic charr.

Location 81.5N, 73.0W
Surface Area 542 km2
Elevation 158 m
Maximum Depth 280 m